BAM is 5 Brent advice services working together with the CVS Brent to create a online advice service that’s

  • easy to use
  • straight forward information and advice
  • there when you need it

The other partners are Citizens Advice Brent (CAB), Advice for Renters, Ashford Place, Age Uk Brent and Brent Community Law Centre

Brent Advice Matters brings advice about many different problems people in Brent face into one place. We’re doing the hard work for you

  • checking hundreds of advice websites, fact sheets and on-line resources
  • bringing them together into one place
  • taking you through easy-to-understand steps
  • with plain English and no jargon

If you can’t find what you need on then

  • check the advice services directory or
  • send us a question online to get things moving
  • help us improve the site by using the feedback form at the bottom of each page

BAM is grateful to the BIG Lottery for its support.

Brent Advice Matters (BAM)

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